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He said, “you know I have stretch marks too. You see…I go to the gym and I lift and get bigger and then I have it” he smiles and his beautiful white teeth against his dark western African skin. He says, “see…I have it. Everyone has it.” He smiles. There was no pointing at my own body, this was not an act. In the silence, as I tried hiding behind the blanket. He felt it. That was one of the most beautiful moments I will always cherish. Always.

Afam bu Ijeoma. Okwa onyi Igbo k’m bu. Ada Igbo k’m bu. Asusu Igbo odide siri ike. M choro ka mutara ya ofuma ofuma. Afam bu Ijeoma okwa side Uga ka’m si. E lotara ife m na ede?


"Sometimes, I write out of anger."

Feminist. Black. African. Woman. Nigerian. Igbo.

Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

Sometimes, calling home means seeing your heart bleed and knowing there’s nothing you can do but keep on. This is the immigrant experience. This is pain. So, when people ask me where I’m from, I’ll start replying, I’m from where family is treasure. How can anyone ask me if I still have family in Nigeria? It’s like asking me how I breathe. It’s like asking me if I have a heart. It’s like telling me to uproot my lineage and place them in a foreign land. That will never happen. Home is in my mouth. Home is sucked between my lips. Home is cradled on my thighs and home even visits me in my sleep. Night after night. Home is begging me never to forget her. Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

You have Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram yet you do not know that I do not live in trees and do not have a lion as a pet. You are either spiritually stupid or will remain perpetually foolish. Which is it?

It is never your duty to remind others of how warm you made them feel. It is never your duty to remind those who hurt you how promises were made of friendships that will never go sour, how you once giggled and laughed at your silly inside jokes. It is not your duty to keep trying to open up, when all they do is take a blade, leaving you to die if you want to. It is not your duty to entertain all their lies. It is not your duty to keep trying, beating yourself up. Let those who are quick to point your flaw be. Let those who have left your path leave. Let yourself be. It is your duty to love yourself, to cradle your heart, to warm your own spirit now. It is your duty to come back to self. You are worth it. You are worth it. Sugar, taste your bliss.

Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

The Act of Forgiveness

Dearest Rwanda Rwanda,

Thank you.

All your African Cousins.

Love from Nigeria. Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

Jungle Justice. Ajegunle burning

You sneak to watch the crowd scream “Ole! Ole! Thief! Kill am!” and there he is stripped. The crowd is screaming for fuel, for tires. Two young men run to the nearest repair store to get used tires. The young man has been stripped. He begins to plead. Your Auntie is screaming for you to come back into the house. You watch in fascination. You move your body seamlessly in the crowd. You watch as they pour fuel on his body. Dark beautiful skin against the Lagos heat. Sweating. Begging. He begs for his mother. He begs for his father. He looks around, searching for a familiar face. No one holds his blood. No one knows his face. You back away slowly from the crowd. They put tires around him. You back away slowly. They put more fuel. He screams. You begin to run, away from it all. Burning flesh. Smoke rising. You’ve been running ever since.

Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

Nwanne m nwanyi birdwithsong ❤️❤️

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