In Yoruba land when a person is born; at a certain age, that person is tattooed. Now, i am just scratching the surface of a deep rich history so pardon me. This beautiful woman i met in Osun State allowed me take pictures of her tattoos that were given to her years ago. A young soul who was trying to translate what she was saying to me asked her the meaning of her tattoo. She didn’t say. Maybe she doesn’t want me to know or maybe it is something you cannot properly let someone else translate. I respect that silence. At that moment, i wish i had listened to my grandfather and learned more Yoruba when i had the chance. She blessed me as i left and although i didn’t buy Agidi or Agege bread, i decided to reward her for spending sometime with a curious young confused talkative woman. This is an old Yoruba custom slowly dying. || Ijeoma.


Taken by || Ijeoma.